In order to gain more influence and to better serve our customers around the world, FUNBIKE is looking to build a distribution network. Becoming a FUNBIKE electric bike dealer is highly profitable and has great prospects! FUNBIKE aims to help FUNBIKE dealers test the local market and generate sales. We will have a lot of support and help for our dealers. In addition, we often have plenty of events for FUNBIKE dealers. The variety of events attracts a lot of people to participate in them. If you are interested in becoming a FUNBIKE dealer in your area, welcome to join us!

The specific support policies are as follows:

  • Provide customize service to meet requirements
  • Related data and publish support
  • Set up protect zone according to the rank, no others dealer in zone
  • Free demo and parts for display and further maintain
  • Shipping products from factory to shop without middleman