Mike Mike
Feb 12, 2023

My first fat-tire E-bike!

So excited to have one power fulebike. I bought the Monster. The first Impression of this model is cool. The speed can go up to 32MPH, very fast. It can make you feel the speed. I also really like the look of this electric scooter. I hope to find more fun in the Subsequent use!

Robert Robert
Feb 26, 2023

I am very happy with this purchase of ”Beast“. Ordering was easy and I received my e-bike in perfect condition very quickly. The packaging was excellent! I quickly put the bike together and although it takes a little time and handling, without exception, the bike has been done very well assembled. It rides better than expected and is easy to handle. Already have 30miles on them and can hardly wait to ride them in the warm weather. This was my best decision to buy it.

Ryan Smith Ryan Smith
Mar 4, 2023

Great bike!

I've only had it for about 2 weeks but so far, after 5 long rides, it's running great. The battery life lasts about 20 miles when used at the higher power settings.
By pedaling, I can get the speed up to about 35 mph on the flats.

Michael Funk Michael Funk
MAr 1, 2023

Beautiful Ebike! Can’t wait to ride it!